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Who Are We?
     DBN Solutions is a group of skilled and highly motivated people with the mission of helping other small businesses achieve the dream of establishing their own business, just as we did.

What Do We Offer?
     Our roots are in business formation, but we are constantly developing our expertise to better suit our cleints' needs. With that in mind, DBN Solutions has recently begun offering hosted internet applications. We've also recently entered the area of intellectual property. Currently we're working to add accounting to our repertoire. Check back regularly, as our product offerings are constantly expanding.

Contact Us?
     To contact us by phone, follow the instructions as provided by the Google Voice widget below and your call will be connected to a member of our staff. We can also be reached at (860) 251-9DBN (251-9326).

     At this time, we have disabled our email contact function due to excessive spam. Until this situation is remedied, please contact us by phone using the Google Voice widget above.

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